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News & Updates



Philip Wareborn just delivered music for TLC shows "Little Couples" & "Little Peope Big World". Music samples will be uploaded shortly!



Check out Kaya Stewarts new single "Gold Digger". String arrangements by Philip Wareborn.


Check out the trailer for one of Philip's latest score - Room 3


Philip just finished a score for filmmaker Gustav Lindqvist. The project was called A.R.T. - please check it out below. 




Philip Wareborn was just featured in two Swedish Newspapers -  "SmålandsTidningen" & "JönköpingsPosten". The article wrote about his recent premiere of "Alleluia" - a newly written piece for Symphony Orchestra and Choir. It also discussed Philip's life in Los Angeles vs Sweden, his studies and ongoing projects. 


"Alleluia" - a new Symphony Orchestra and Choir piece just had its premiere by Jönköping Symphony Orchestra and Jönköping Chamber Choir in Krisine Church. The piece was conducted by Ove Gotting - "Alleluia" got great reviews by critics. 




Earlier today you could here Philip Wareborn & Karin Mårtenson Live in the Swedish Radio. To listen to the interview and live peromance, please visit this link.



Today Philip delivered a string arrangement for Swedish producer Karl-Ola Kjellholm. This arrangement was written for one of the songs competition in the Swedish "Eurovision Song Contest" in Feb of 2015.



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Composer- ARRANGer

"Living to Die" - Andreas Johnson

- Strings by Philip Wareborn

"Unbelievable" - Lisa Ajax

- Strings by Philip Wareborn


"Say Something"

"The pond and the Plague"



"Home will always be across the Ocean"

February 2014 - Roy O Disney Music Hall

"Gold Digger" - Kaya Stewart 

- Strings by Philip Wareborn


"Ortha & the Orb"


"Serenade to Miette" 


"Skandinavien du fosterland"

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Since infancy Philip Wareborn has loved music. At a young age, he took his first step by the famous Suzuki method and violin was the instrument of choice. After this, he moved to the clarinet and then on to saxophone, piano and finally song.?During his high school years Philip began to take an interest in composition. Song after song was composed and after not so long he had decided. Music was what he wanted to get into.?After high school Philip attended Per-Brahe College for further education in music, in Jonkoping, Sweden. The budding pianist developed under the watchful eye of piano teacher Anette Svensson and his voice took shape with the help of singing teacher Solveig Stomsjö! During 2004, Philip role as the Lion In the musical The Wiz performed at Huskvarna Theatre. A performance which was seen by thousands of visitors!?After college Philip studied further at ITM (institutions for faith and music) in Husqvarna. During this year gained experience with recording, music theory and Piano techniques which where focused upon. During the summer 2006 Philip’s first album was completed “Society betrayed you but I will never do”. An album which Philip arranged and produced totally on his own.?Autumn 2006 Philip moved to Stockholm to freelance with musicians, composers and producers. The years in Stockholm have been very informative and many contacts and friendships in the different areas have been formed. In the studio Snickeboa (www.snickeboa.se) a lot of music has be recorded and experience gathered in cooperation with producer and director Ove Valeskog (www.valeskog.se). Philip has also been a stand in music teacher during his years in Stockholm.?2007 saw the release of the album “Heaven in my arms”. A Christmas cd with the trio Which Philip arranged, and produced. The trio consists of Carl-Henrik Fernandi, saxophonist who was educated at the Royal Academy of music in Stockholm, Karin Mårtenson, singer educated at the Balette Academy in Gothenburg and the Royal Academy of Music In Gothenburg and Philip, Piano, organiser and the promoter of the trio.? 2008 was the year Philip released his 2nd solo album. The name of which is “Life is a never ending merry-go-round”. The album is characterised by the string quartet, acoustic guitars, grand piano and song. The quartet was from the Gothenburg symphony orchestra, Guitars played by friends and contacts from Stockholm and lyrics and piano by Philip himself. This album was arranged and produced by Philip. The album characterises an honesty and nakedness with is related in the lyrics, and it was recorded Live.? The album was released in cooperation with  "Balkongfestivalen" 2008. The festival was created by Philip himself and produced together with Agneta Jergen and Jörgen Ström. For more information about festival visit www.balkongfestivalen.se?Spring 2009 was characterised by a Musical project at a high school in Stockholm, where Philip wrote the music and together with Christina Holmqvist produced the musical. The musical played to full houses, and was very much appreciated among participants, family, friends and the management. For reference and info on the project visits www.ralambshovsskolan.se. In March 2009, Philip Wareborn moved from his small Swedish town of Nassjo to Hollywood California in order to follow his passion for Music Composition. In Fall 2010, he graduated from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and received the “Outstanding Student Award” for his musical achievements. Following his studies at MI, Philip was accepted into the rare Music Composition program at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. He is currently working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with hopes to become a music composer for films. In the summer of 2012, Philip began an internship with famed film composer Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, Pearl Harbor). It became a great experience for Philip and he gained a lot of experience in the filmmusic industry.

In the late fall of 2012 Philip's piece string orchestra piece "tribute to north" was premiered by "Camerata Gothia String Orchestra" in Gothenburg, Sweden. A performance and collaboration that was very successful and Philip look forward to many commissions with them in the future. In the Spring of 2013 another premiere was held in Sweden, this time in Jönköping (Philips home town). This time the Jönköpings Symphony Orchestra premiered "Illusions of my Mind", another new written string orchestra work. Conductor Ove Gotting was very happy with the result of the piece and found the piece beautiful and "strategically placed" during the concert. In March 2013 Philip's Viola Concerto "Home will always be across the Ocean" was premiered by the "CalArts new millenium chamber Orchestra" in Los Angeles and Emilia Wareborn (viola) premiered this piece as a solosist. Emilia is Philip's cousin and the piece was written specially for her and it was a very special moment for Philip to work close to Emilia in LA for the performance. The orchestra was conducted by Andreas Levisianos and the performance was well received by the audience and faculty at the California Institute of the Arts. In May 2014 Philip graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a Bachelor of fine Arts in composition. In the Fall of 2014 Philip co-founded "Department 4" - a production company based out of Los Angeles with three partners. Department 4 is creating all kind of creative media, including web, photo, video, music and graphic works. In december of 2014 Philip had a premiere in Sweden of a new Choir and symphony work called "Alleluia" - the piece was widely acclaimed by critics. Currently Philip is working on several scoring projects and also some string arrangements for pop producers in both Sweden and USA.

“Since moving to Los Angeles, I’m thrilled with having the opportunity to work overseas. I look forward to scoring more films, writing more arrangements and producing music for clients, both in the U.S. and the rest of the world.”

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